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This is where you can fuse your collected monsters to strengthen their stats. It can be accessed via the lab.

Monster Fusion

  • The Base Monster is your monster you will strengthen. It will not be lost in the fusion process.
  • The Fusion Monster is monster that will be used up in the fusion. It will be gone forever, so pick a throwaway common or uncommon monster. Each monster will add different attributes to your Base Monster.
  • The Fusion Material is where you may add Luck Essence for a chance at Lucky Fusion, or Stamina/Power/Agility Essence to further strengthen your Base Monster.
    • Trick manuals may also be added to teach your Base Monster a Trick or add a level to the learned Trick.

Lucky Fusion

  • Lucky Fusion is a rare phenomenon during fusion where your Base Monster can gain more stats than usual. All three stats are increased regardless of what the Fusion Monster's stats added.
    • Luck Essences increase your chances of getting a Lucky Fusion. You can buy them from the Shop with MC or claim them from your friends' Level Up! feeds.
  • Lucky Fusion Formula - Stamina: +30 +(x) Power: +10 +(x) Agility: +10 +(x)
    • x = The Fusion Monster's added stats

Fusion Specific Items

These items increase the stat of their name of the monster when fusing, while the Lucky Potion increases the chances of a Lucky Fusion occurring.

  • Agility Potion
  • Lucky Potion
  • Power Potion
  • Stamina Potion

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