Rock Mai Mai
Rock Mai Mai

No. 008

Rock Mai Mai







Initial Trick

Stone Skin

Rock Mai Mai is an Earth Element Monster that can be acquired from spinning the Silver Gacha.

Monster Book EntryEdit

Unlike the Mai Mai, Rock Mai Mai overcame the effects of dryness and moved to arid climates. No longer covered in mucus, the Rock Mai Mai developed rigid skin, which gives them a high defense... and an aggressive attitude toward intruders.

Len's Description
"This monster is a Rock Mai Mai. Unlike the ordinary Mai Mai, Rock Mai Mais are found in arid regions. Water is said to weaken them. It's interesting how Mai Mais and Rock Mai Mais are so different."


Rock Mai Mai is the Earth version of the Mai Mai. It has a brown and white colored shell.

Max StatsEdit

Common Uncommon Rare Epic
Max. Stamina 525 900 2400 5400
Max. Power 210 350 840 1680
Max. Agility 150 250 600 1200

Related MonstersEdit

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