Wild Majishi

No. 050

Wild Majishi







Initial Trick


Wild Majishi is a Fire Element Monster that can be acquired from spinning the Silver Gacha.

Monster Book EntryEdit

The Wild Majishi's huge tusks let you know that they mean business. They determine the leader of their pack by ferociously charging each other head-on. The last one standing calls the shots.

Len's Description
"This monster is a Wild Majishi. They only march forward and never turn! When something gets in their way, they get really irritated. It can be funny to watch!"


Wild Majishi appears to be based on a warthog. It has big bulging eyes, pig snout, two large tusks, short legs, and pink fur that covers the body reminiscent of a Chinese Lion Dance costume.

Max StatsEdit

Common Uncommon Rare Epic
Max. Stamina 455 780 2080 4680
Max. Power 255 425 1020 2040
Max. Agility 150 250 600 1200


  • Wild Majishi, Firetail, and Hochlee have the highest Max Power of all Common Monsters.

Related MonstersEdit

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